"Muertos straddle the psych rock/garage punk axis like a modern day Cramps put through a Death By Audio blender" - Drowned In Sound

"United, Muertos become something more than the sum of their parts. A riotous live experience, their garage pop sound is laced with elements of wonderfully English psychedelia" - Clash Magazine

Formed in London, the songwriting duo of DeAnna Avis and Marc Crane bonded over their mutual love of cult horror movies and classic psychedelia. Avis is Mexican-Californian, and grew up in a musical family playing from an early age - her father is the ‘Arpista Municipal de Tequila’, the official harpist for the town of Tequila. Outside of guitar duties, shoegazer Crane (from Essex) is a comic-book artist, lending his creative hand to the band’s cover-art and aesthetic. The band draw influence from the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain, The Kills, and The Black Angels.