"One of London’s finest psych-punk bands" – VIVA

"A glorious proto-punk anthem that draws inspiration from the likes of Suicide and The Cramps" – Public Pressure

The ultimate super-group, Weird Sex consist of members of Suicide Party, Deathline, and The Sly Persuaders, and play raw, reverb-drenched proto-punk that recalls the likes of early Ramones and Suicide. The band evolved partly from frontman Joey Ackland’s previous group, Barra Bravas, which featured Nicholas Wood of The KVB, but formed as the live marvel that is their current incarnation only over the past few months. On stage, these imposing figures create fuzzed-out noise-rock backed with minibrute synthesizers and walls of heavily effected guitars while Ackland commands the room with every flailing limb and fiber of his being. Spinning tales of death, lust and excess, this is jet-fueled garage rock at its very best.